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Chrome Warrior enables districts to create engaging professional development for their teachers in a fun, gamified learning environment.

About Chrome Warrior

Chrome Warrior is a web-based professional development application that uses gamification to encourage teachers to acquire new skills and experience. By providing a fun, competitive environment for teachers to track their professional development, Chrome Warrior helps teachers acquire new skills that they can apply in the classroom.

Relying on intrinsic motivation to encourage new skill development can be challenging. For example, technology related professional development is often viewed as tangential to teaching. Therefore it can be difficult to encourage teachers to pursue new technology-related skills. As teaching transitions from an instructor-led, “Imparting of knowledge” mindset to a student-centric, coaching mindset it is important to help teachers make the transition. Gamification allows you to provide personalized PD to teachers to help them make the transition.

Professional Development.... Anytime and Anywhere

Engage teachers by creating professional development that breaks content into bite sized achievements and provides fast feedback

Chrome Warrior is the engine that supports your professional development pedagogy. If you’d like to use another district’s PD, we can help you do that too.

Teachers earn embeddable badges by demonstrating professional development mastery

We’ve integrated Google+, Twitter, and Facebook so that your teachers can easily compete and collaborate with each other

Tired of yet another password? We’ve integrated with Google and Office 365 so you can just use your district credentials

Chrome Warrior is the result of close collaboration with districts. We are constantly improving based on your feedback

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